I can feel big shifts happening for me already. You have a huge talent for making a difference. Your brillance compassion are a potent combination.
I am very honoured to be a part of this movement we are creating, to be in the 2% Club and to be working with you. Thank you for being a great leader.

Lydia Burchell - Vancouver

I love how supportive we are of each other and so committed to our own goals, and I love how Kieron and Monique will kick us into action and won't let us be comfortable in our excuses. That's why I joined this Academy - to have the support to get me into action to prove that I am bigger than my fears and my excuses!
I am so grateful, thank you!!


My income increased 500% as a result of Kieron's trainings - I had no idea what I was capable of until his mind techniques opened me up to realizing I was playing small and with a simple shift in mindset I changed two behaviors in my daily business activity. Kieron is also a heart-centered man and he is the most authentic trainer I have ever experienced. This man will change your life.

Billy - Toronto

Kieron is one of the finest personal growth and business success training coaches on the planet. He not only masters the stage but he has the ability to reach into the hearts and minds of his students and completely transform them. Now that Kieron is launching his Kieron.TV web show, the world will be able to receive this man's teachings in an affordable manner and he will touch millions of lives. This is a must have in your daily education.

Kane Minkus - Sydney - Co-owner, The Industry Rockstar Inetensive

I met Kieron when I traveled from South Africa to the United Sates. I thought I was going to be trained by a well-known guru. When Kieron came on the stage, I was extremely disappointed and felt cheated. Within 2 hours I had not only connected with Kieron, I realized that the universe delivered the perfect trainer for me. This man is unique. He is real. He shifted my mindset in ways I could never imagine. Being raised in South Africa I realized my conditioning had deeply affected my confidence. I took all my courses with Kieron and now I am a top trainer in South Africa, I am financially free and I am loving my life. Thank you Kieron for being my coach, mentor and friend.

Conray - South Africa

"You epitomize the meaning of personal power. When you stand on a stage your pure authenticity gives everyone else in the room permission to be authentic. The love and possibility you create in a room holds the space for those who listen to believe in their own possibility. Your humanity shows others that power does not come from perfection, but from self-acceptance and self love. You simply be it. When you convince, you convince from a place of showing others how to heal and create new possibility in their lives, not from a place of shame or self loathing from where they are at. It is not in the words you say, but in who you are when you say them. Your greatest strength is that you believe in and invest in everyone without prejudice."

Teresa D - Calgary, Canada.

I hired Kieron to coach me to become a more powerful trainer after I watched him on video and how he completely transformed a student during a seminar. After 10 sessions, I was seeing immense progress. I then flew Kieron to Perth, Australia to train my entire team of coaches and trainers for two days. My sales increased 500% after taking Kieron's Master Speaker Trainer course and my staff increased our entire company's sales by 80% - WOW!!! - Kieron trained us in a very unconventional way. He showed us how he went from blah to a highly successful speaker and trainer and how he achiend sales of $30 million in 4 years. Kieron has a secret that few understand. If you are in any area of sales, speaking or training, you want to hire this man now. He is brilliant. I highly recommend that all companies who have sales teams hire this man. Your company will be transformed.

Brett Jones, CEO - Cre8 Seminars, Perth Australia

Thanks for all you are doing Kieron. This training is more than I ever expected it would be on so many levels. I also know I will be building my business in ways I would not have imagined, and it wouldn't be happening without your training.


Dorothy Argent - Salmon Arm, BC